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Our goal is to demonstrate how Hydrolix can address your unique challenges and provide tangible value to your operations.

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There are two ways to try Hydrolix: run a proof of concept (PoC) or get started on your own (DIY) immediately via the AWS or GCP marketplaces with a self-managed trial.

PoC (HDX Managed Trial)DIY (Self-Managed Trial)
Zero-charge licenseFor term of PoC30 days
Support via email
Set success objectives
Technical requirements and scoping
Security and compliance requirements
Dedicated Slack channel
Customized setup and deployment
Next stepsSign up for a PoC below to beginChoose your marketplace
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For DIY Self-Managed trials, choose marketplace:

A Hydrolix PoC includes consultation with our engineers to tune Hydrolix for your specific use case, budget, and performance targets.

The PoC usually fits into a two-week sprint and resources do not typically need to be dedicated to the project.

If you don’t know Kubernetes, we recommend you take the POC route.

Hydrolix doesn’t ship with a dashboard. It is designed so you use the one you prefer. We support Grafana, Looker, SuperSet, Tableau – anything that can connect via the SQL API.

The engineers on our customer success team are ready to do what it takes to help you successfully evaluate Hydrolix. Don’t hesitate to use to get answers and engineering support.

POCs available on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Akamai Cloud.

Get started with Hydrolix! Once you have submitted your form, a team member will be in touch to kick things off. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact us at

Why Hydrolix

Hydrolix is a next-gen data lake optimized for high volume event streaming workloads.
It runs on your cloud infrastructure, providing you with control of your enterprise’s data and eliminating egress costs and latency.

With Hydrolix you can:

Visual representation of Hydrolix's solution for real-time observability across multiple CDN vendors, highlighting its ability to diagnose and troubleshoot issues efficiently.


Store more data for longer. Stop summarizing and sampling. With decoupled storage and HDX advanced compression, you can reduce your data footprint 20-50x. Retain data in hot storage for months or even years.

Image illustrating Hydrolix's role in improving auction outcomes and customer reporting in digital advertising through efficient bid de-duplication.

Multiple sources. One view.

Ingest, enrich, and transform data, create summary views, and combine multiple log sources into a single table to achieve a deeper, unified view of your environment.

Graphic showing Hydrolix's capability in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), focusing on real-time threat detection and high-volume data processing from various sources.

Low-Latency Query

Query data on ingest. Assign query resource pools per workload or department and tune for query latency and cost targets. Eliminate time outs and long running queries.

Depiction of Hydrolix's advantages over traditional ELK stacks, emphasizing 75% storage cost reduction, data scalability, and operational simplicity

One-Stop Data Shop

Create a one-stop data shop for your company. Excellent for real-time ops and reporting as well as historical analysis. Find problems and mitigate them fast or take advantage of long retention windows and fast needle-in-the-haystack query performance to conduct detailed forensic analysis.

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Logo of MediaMath, a leader in digital advertising technology, featured as a respected customer on our website
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