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Scams and phishing attempts

Recent activity

We’ve recently become aware of an imposter or imposters misusing our brand for “work from home” and “recruitment” fraud. This third party has no affiliation with Hydrolix and is exploiting our brand, causing us harm as they are causing harm to the fraud victims. We’re actively working on removing these deceptive domains and websites upon receiving reports, but the process is slowed by their registration in uncooperative foreign countries and Internet providers.

What you can do

Unfortunately, Hydrolix itself is unable to address individual concerns regarding this fraud. Instead, we strongly advise contacting the FBI IC3 to file a report. Additionally, you can find resources on phishing and other scams here.

If you’re willing to assist us, please report any instances to scam@hydrolix.io with the subject “Impostor fraud – affected party: <your name>,” and provide any relevant additional information. For email inquiries, at minimum, include the original email and headers. For text messages via SMS or messenger apps, include a screenshot of the message along with the user details of the sender. Include any other pertinent information in your report to the FBI IC3.

Going forward

We appreciate your understanding that our resources are limited, preventing us from engaging in individual communications. While we’ll acknowledge receipt of your email, please note that we’re unable to respond to individual inquiries. We also acknowledge and empathize with you. We will continue to do all we can to curb the activities of the fraudsters.