Fastly CDN Logs



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Streaming Fastly CDN Logs to Hydrolix

Here’s how to configure Fastly to stream logs to Hydrolix with just a few clicks and in less than 10 minutes.

How to configure Fastly to Hydrolix

Hydrolix Streaming Intake for Fastly CDN Logs

How to configure Hydrolix to ingest your streaming Fastly CDN logs.

Follow these quick instructions

Analyzing Fastly CDN transaction logs with Hydrolix

How to analyze the Fastly CDN logs you have streamed to Hydrolix. This short tutorial covers a few example queries that are designed to tell us a bit more about the Fastly log data that we are collecting.

How to analyze Fastly CDN logs

Visualizing Fastly data with Hydrolix and Grafana

Here’s how to setup Grafana to visualize your Fastly CDN data streamed into Hydrolix. Learn how to maximize your Fastly CDN observability quickly, cheaply, and in your own VPC

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