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Hydrolix: a Low Cost, High- Performance Data Lakehouse

Published: January 28, 2021

Updated: February 15, 2022

Author: Martin KaganCo-founder/CEO at Hydrolix


At our last company, my co-founder and I saw our data volumes grow to over 15 billion transaction logs a day. As our infrastructure costs went through the roof, we faced the unhappy choice of throwing data away, paying through the nose, or accepting poor performance. Everywhere we looked in the industry, we saw organizations burning too much money on their data and being forced to make similar tradeoffs, cutting short the opportunity to invest in long-term data retention and deep learning.

We started Hydrolix to change the economics of big data. We built a cloud-based analytics engine that can ingest, store and query vast amounts of data at low cost without sacrificing interactive performance.

Built for Append-Only Data Workloads

Hydrolix was purpose-built for immutable, append-only data like logging and metrics – use cases where the fixed schemas and ACID guarantees of first-generation cloud data warehouses add unnecessary overhead, cost and complexity. We have developed an innovative technology that decouples compute from storage, leverages serverless computing and cloud storage scalability, and makes interactive performance affordable.

Our cloud-agnostic architecture decouples ingest, query and storage, enabling each to be scaled independently. Our patented high-density compression and micro-indexing technology shrinks data volumes by 95% – the most compact solution in the industry – reducing storage and retrieval costs and helping us deliver SSD-like performance from inexpensive cloud storage platforms like S3 and GCS.

By making it cost-effective to store and query petabytes of raw data, we hope to eliminate the differences between hot and cold data and enable organizations to build richer deep-learning models.

Unlike first-generation cloud data warehouses, Hydrolix’s stateless architecture doesn’t rely on caching and full-column scans to achieve interactive performance. The Hydrolix platform delivers consistent performance for ad-hoc and “needle in a haystack” queries by applying pushdown predicates and cache-free query acceleration technology.

Deploying On-Prem Means Better Security, Zero Egress

Deployed locally, the Hydrolix platform delivers both zero maintenance and zero egress, reducing security and compliance risks, enabling customers to retain control of their data, and eliminating the need to spend money on someone else’s cloud infrastructure.

We’re not interested in building a massive, multi-tenant “data cloud.” We are focused on helping individual organizations reduce their costs and improve their end-user experiences and observability strategies by making hard-to-get data easy and painless.

The Hydrolix platform enables customers to stream data, store everything, consolidate platforms, answer unexpected questions and still save money. Our pricing model delivers the much-needed balance between consumption-based pricing and predictable cost-control.

We’re excited to launch our first commercial offering and hope that you’ll give us a try!

– Martin Kagan, Co-founder/CEO at Hydrolix

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