Building the Cybersecurity Platforms of the Future

In this 8-page report, you’ll learn about the following:

› Cybersecurity’s dark data problem

› The opportunities and challenges of AI tools, which are data-hungry

› How long-term hot storage can make your security posture more proactive

› The value of building a platform on cost-effective, performant object storage

› How Hydrolix can power the big data needs of cybersecurity use cases

Cybersecurity platforms must deal with constant change, including shifting attack surfaces, novel threats, and new application vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of traditional data solutions leads to a difficult choice for many enterprises in cybersecurity and beyond—either pay too much to keep your data readily available or quickly move data into cold storage where it goes dark.

To provide security to their customers, and to their bottom lines, cybersecurity platforms must change their approach to data. With the right cloud data platform, you can ingest data at scale and get cost-effective, long-term hot storage for high-performance analysis, allowing you to build proactive, cutting-edge features such as AI tools and new threat detections.

Whitepaper title: "Building the Cybersecurity Platforms of the Future: With Next Gen Cloud Platforms" With label "For cybersecurity use cases"

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