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Ponderings, insights and industry updates

  • Transform Your Data With Hydrolix
    Learn how to write transforms that give you maximum flexibility for processing, enriching, and standardizing your log data.
  • Latest N Rows Optimized: Crafting Efficiency with the Hydrolix Catalog
    Hydrolix can execute queries in a massively parallel fashion, thanks in part to its distributed nature and time-based partitioning. With time series data, time filters are often the preferred method … Read more
  • Analyze your Hydrolix Data with Apache Spark
    Big data can be challenging to scale and even more challenging to query. Without the right tools, you’ll likely run into performance issues like query timeouts, making it difficult or … Read more
  • Scaling Query Performance With Big Data
    Achieving consistent, low latency query performance in analytic systems can be challenging when working with a mix of workloads and varying numbers of concurrent queries. Hydrolix’s distributed architecture allows for … Read more
  • Summary Tables Simplified
    The latest version of Hydrolix Summary Tables significantly reduces the complexity of writing SQL aggregates while preserving the efficiency of querying summary tables. A common limitation of aggregate tables is … Read more
  • Hydrolix Supports Mode Analytics
    The Mode platform provides users with a hub for performing ad hoc analysis, self-service reporting and visualization, as well as sharing analysis with collaborators. In addition to providing SQL access … Read more
  • MaxMind Geo Lookup
    How to setup Hydrolix geo-lookup using MaxMind database using custom dictionary and function to simplify ingest and query.
  • Clean your data quickly
    Data are complicated, Hydrolix helps clean up your data before ingesting it.
  • Multi CDN monitoring
    How Paramount leverages Hydrolix to ingest, normalize their CDN logs from multiple providers
  • High performance dashboard with Grafana
    In this blog post we’ll see how to leverage Clickhouse plugin and Grafana to create really performant dashboard on Hydrolix data platform. Table of ContentsDashboard VariablesImprove your SQL statementAdd username … Read more
  • Monitoring query performance
    In the previous blog post eating our own logs we saw how Hydrolix cluster is indexing its own logs. Our logs contains lots of very useful information, in this blog … Read more
  • Eating our own logs
    Monitoring complex application deployed via Kubernetes can be a challenge especially when the application uses a large number of components. The Hydrolix platform is designed to make log processing and … Read more