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Easy to deploy, scale, and secure

Images highlighting the ease of deploying, scaling, and securing Hydrolix architecture.

Deploy and scale your Hydrolix cluster

Visuals demonstrating the deployment and scaling capabilities of Hydrolix clusters in a user's VPC.

Deploy in your VPC

Hydrolix is deployed locally meaning data never leaves your VPC.

This reduces not just security and compliance risks, offering you more control over your data, it eliminates egress costs or the need to spend money on third-party cloud infrastructure.

Stateless Architecture

Ingest, query, and storage systems, along with other key systems all operate and scale independently of one another.

This autoscaling capability allows you to allocate compute resources only to the system that needs it. For example, during peak traffic periods, you can scale up ingest resources while leaving query resources untouched and scale resources to zero during idle periods.

Lifecycle Management

Hydrolix provides both configurable and automatic data lifecycle management controls. The goal is to continuously reduce your cluster’s storage footprint by combining partitions for denser compression.

TTL-based aging automatically removes data while merge optimized partition density. Hydrolix automatically shards data by time and also allows custom sharding based on column values.

Kubernetes Native

Hydrolix follows the Kubernetes operator pattern so deploying a Hydrolix cluster is as simple as you would expect. Generate the operator.yaml and hydrolixcluster.yaml files to deploy.

Once deployed, enable autoscaling by configuring and deploying autoscaling.yaml. Read more about configuring Kubernetes for Hydrolix.

Sandbox Isolation

Per-team compute resources eliminates the noisy neighbor problem and allows multiple teams to use the same data.

Configuration of query pools that isolate workloads from one another while sharing only a single copy of the data allowing data consistency across teams

Multi-Cloud Support

Current supported cloud platforms:

› Amazon Web Services
› Azure Cloud
› Google Cloud Platform
› Akamai Connected Cloud

Secure your Hydrolix cluster

You Control your Data

Your Hydrolix log data is stored on-prem in a virtual private cloud (VPC). You choose the provider and there’s no reliance on other platforms to keep your data secure.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC gives you fine-grained control to limit access for your projects and tables. Tailor read/write access to allow your teams to collaborate while keeping your data secure.

Audit All API Events

All API actions are logged and available for audit, allowing you to monitor user activity for security and compliance.

Secure Data in Motion

Hydrolix uses TLS 1.3 for secure, encrypted data and you can enforce user authentication on every query and streaming endpoint, ensuring only authorized users can access your data.

Zero-Egress Design

Hydrolix runs on container images in your
VPC— no need to communicate with external APIs or services.

GDPR Compliant and SOC 2 Certified

› GDPR compliance for EU data
› SOC2 certification to ensure your
data is always secure.

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