Hydrolix transforms the economics of log data



Hydrolix is a cloud data platform that combines stream processing, decoupled storage, and indexed search to deliver real-time query performance at terabyte-scale for a radically lower cost.

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Cut your log data retention costs by 75%

Compared to other observability and log processing solutions, Hydrolix helps enterprises save 75% or more on annual log retention costs and keeps all data in hot storage, which is critical for better analysis and especially AI uses cases.

Make everyone happy

CFOs love the 4x reduction in data retention costs. Product teams love 4x more data to work with.

Say goodbye to over-provisioning

Spin up resources when you need them and scale to zero when you don’t.

Achieve greater control

Fine-tune resource consumption and performance by workload to control costs.

Stress-free data retention

Imagine what you can build when you don’t have to sacrifice data because of budget.

Hydrolix transforms the economics of log data


Built for terabyte scale log data

Stream processing for log data

Ingest, enrich, and transform log data from multiple sources including Kafka, Kinesis, HTTP.

Return just the data you need, no matter how big your data. Reduce latency and costs, eliminate timeouts, brute force queries.

Decoupled storage

Storage is decoupled from ingest and query, allowing each to independently scale to meet performance, budget targets.

Industry-leading 20x-50x compression

Hydrolix’s high density compression (HDX) typically reduces 1TB of stored data to 55GB.

Keep data on prem

Deploy in your VPC. Eliminate data transfer costs. Maintain tighter security and operational control.

Easy to operatE

Autoscaling, Kubernetes support, and cloud native design make operations at scale a breeze.


Without Hydrolix, we wouldn’t have even dreamt to store that amount of data because we knew it was too expensive.

– Sylvain LeBorgne
Head of Data and Analytics

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